Rental Policies & documentation

Requirements / Age Limit:

minimum 21 years old for standard car's category and minimum 23 years old for the rest of our cars.

Download the map of rhodes island (PDF)

material damages:

Material damages infected on property which is not stored in or upon the car, are cover by the company.

immediate replacement of the vehicle:

Immediately replacement of car in case of damage or accident.

driver's licence:

A valid driving license held at least one year is required

fuel has to be paid by the renter



isologismos 2012 (pdf)
(under construction)


  • 1

    full comprehensive insurance:
    Insurance for the driver and the passengers, according to the international insurance laws. Death and body injuries of persons not riding in or upon the car.

  • 2

    personal damages:
    100% insurance against personal damages - no extra cost

  • 3

    natural causes:
    100% insurance against natural causes.
    Also 100% insurance against fire and theft

general terms:

The reservation will not be valid until reception of the deposit 20% of the total cost.
International payments of the deposit can be made by Credit card, PayPal, International Post Mandate or Western Union and bank transfer.

Any reservation not followed up by a deposit cannot be consider as definitive and the company has the right to avoid the reservation without further notice.

On reception of your payment, we will confirm by registered post, email and a tellephone call if appropriate.

Cancellation Policy:

In case of canceling a reservation, (only 1 month before the 1st day of rent), all deposits paid will be refund to the sender deducting the refunded cost.